On Saturday, April 26, 2014 the Baja Mission team met for the first time.  The team of 26; 12 men and 14 women ranging in ages from 15 to 76 years, will spend ten days together in the Baja, Mexico. (June 20 - 30, 2014)  The team represents parishes from across the Diocese of Saskatoon: Saskatoon, Watrous, North Battleford, Humboldt, Battle River, Lloydminster, Pike Lake and Borden.  The meeting provided an opportunity for everyone to meet and to begin final preparations for the trip. The afternoon session covered travel details, goals and expectations for the trip and some tips on what to pack. 

The goal of the mission is to build three houses in and around the community of Vicente Guerrero, Mexico.  But the mission is more than building houses. It is about relationships, team building and sharing our faith in action.  The enthusiasm shown by the group was very inspiring.  The team is anxious and excited to tackle the challenges the mission has to offer and the sense of “team” quickly became evident during the meeting.  Everyone is anticipating a successful and rewarding experience.

The Mission team will meet again the night before departure where last minute details will be addressed and a service of commissioning for all the team members will take place. The service is June 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm in St. John’s Cathedral.  Everyone is welcome! 

The team departs Saskatoon on June 21st.                       Photo Credit:  Deb Ferguson


Mexico Mission- What do you need to build a house?

We have 26 people going and 9 are going back for the second time, 8 had been on the 2012 mission and one that had been on a mission in 2008.  Of the twenty-six missioners we have 5 couples, as well as a mother and daughter and a mother and son team. The age group is 15 – 70 + and 14 of the group are ladies and 12 men. Our missioners have all sorts of occupation, teachers, accountants, farmers, homemakers and some retirees there are three clergy and our bishop. Some have building skills and others come with a variety of skills. But all are willing to give up their time and energy to help others. 

The organization that we are going with has been doing this type of mission since 2000/2001 with school groups and starting in 2005 with adults groups.  This organization is a not-for-profit organization and they are currently working in 4 different countries: Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Thailand.  They have a staff of 20 some of which are stationed here in Canada and the rest in the countries that they work. They also employ local people in the areas where the homes are being built and encourage the local people to take responsibility for additional builds. As a charitable organization, they have 8 people on the board of directors. In the years they have been in operation, they have assisted over 150 groups with over 4,500 missioners to these four countries.

This year they have 30 groups going to the 4 countries and will build homes for up to 70 families. In addition to the over 150 homes, the groups have built four schools and three medical clinics.

So, what does it take to build one of these homes?  

Here is the list of materials that will be delivered to each home site:

21 gallons of Paint

50 lbs box of 3” nails,  50 lbs box of 2”nails,  50 lb box of 1” nails.  The roof alone takes 1,200 nails

25 -2”x4”x12’ studs


18- 4’x8’ sheets for the roof

22 4’x8’ sheets of sliding

2 gallons of Tar

6 windows and 1 door /5 windows and 2 doors.

Each family is given the choice of  how any doors & windows as well as what colour they want their house painted.

A concrete pad of 22’x 20’ (440 sq foot) is poured at a cost of $700-$800. This cost is if the ground is flat but the cost can be up to 3 times more depending on the type & slope of the ground.  In the Haiti and the Dominican Republic they build concrete block homes as wooden structures do not last because of all the rain leading to mold and other water damage.

Some of the other things need to build theses homes is a wiliness to help others, to go out of your comfort zone, to be prepared to leave ones home and travel to another country with a group of strangers, the only thing you have in common is the love of GOD, and wanting to help others. But some of these qualities are present in someone not going on the mission. These people can help in other ways by helping groups like PWRDF or Habitat for Humanity. Whichever way we ask for your prayers and support for anyone doing good works to help others.


St. Martin’s, Pike Lake - Sunday, April 13, 2014

Travelling to Afghanistan

St. Martin’s, Pike Lake, put on another Travel Series afternoon on Sunday, April 13. Matthew Bittner shared his experience while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. It proved to be an entertaining afternoon as Matthew’s power point helped us to connect the country's history to present time. He also brought with him a collection of rugs and scarves that he had purchased and was given. A total of $210 was raised to support the Baja Mission.   Picture credit:  Cheryl Moen

Battle River Parish - Palm Sunday 2014

On Palm Sunday Bishop David and Joan joined the Battle River parish for worship. And afterwards Joan, Gordon Yarde, Anne Smith and Ivan Kantzell posed for a photo as all 4 are going on the Baja Mission this June.


St. Martin’s, in Pike Lake - March 23 Travel Series

St. Martin’s, in Pike Lake, hosted another Travel Series on March 23. Ron Bezoplenko took the group on a trip to Mount Everest’s base camp. The audience enjoyed his beautiful slides as he made them feel like they were a part of his adventure. Pies were served following the presentation and a total of $330 was raised for the Baja Mission.

On April 13 at 2 pm St. Martin's Church will be putting on another Travel Series on Afghanistan. Matthew Bittner will take us through some of the unique sites and experiences of his recent tour of duty in this exotic locale . The presentation will be followed by dessert and coffee. Admission is by donation with all money raised going towards the Mission. 



Picture credit:  Cheryl Moen



St. John’s Cathedral - Baja Mission Fundraiser



On March 16th Madison Miller, from St. John’s Cathedral,  held a steak night at Sports on Tap to raise funds for the Baja Mission. 75 tickets were sold to friends, family, and members of the Cathedral. With ticket sales, a silent auction and a 50/50 draw, she was extremely happy to find that a total of $2070 was raised! This includes monetary donations from those who couldn't attend along with the Anglican Women's Club.



Picture credit:  Cheryl Moen 

Madison plans on selling tacos in a bag at the Montgomery Garage Sale on May 3rd at 1550 Haida Avenue, as it is a fundraiser she has had much success with in the past and hopes it will generate enough profit to reach her $2750 goal.

A Mexican night in Lloydminster

What a wonderful break from our cold Saskatchewan winter. On Sunday night (March 2, 2014) we were treated to the great taste of Mexico. 110 people from not just St. John’s church but also from the First Lutheran, Grace United and Lloydminster Gospel Fellowership sat down to a wonderful Mexican supper cooked by Tony Pareda all the way from Mexico city. His helpers for the day and evening were Miles Jurke,  Kay Hauer and Neil McCuaig.

This crew cooked a 3-course meal for a full house and after supper everyone sat back and enjoyed the music by the Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship Worship Band, composed of Greg Nelson, Marea French and Dale Luedtke and their sound man Brad Pelley.

The hall was decorated by the congregation, with Mexican blankets, Sombreros, and other memorabilia.  The table’s decorations were done by Marilyn and Courtney Clark.



The whole atmosphere was one of happiness and everyone had a good time the proceeds from the event was to assist the four members joining the Baja mission this June.


Photo credit: Joan Irving


Armchair Travel - Baja Fundraiser
St. Martin's in the Field, Pike Lake


On Sunday, February 23, St. Martin’s Church in Pike Lake hosted a presentation by George Charpentier. He shared his adventures through Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Monaco. His photos captured the beauty and charm of the people and landscapes of these varied countries. A total of $425 was raised to support the upcoming Baja Mission in June. The next Travel Series will be held in the church on March 23 at 2pm. This is when Ron Bezoplenko will take us on a trip to Mount Everest’s base camp. Each Travel Series is by donation with dessert served in the church basement following the presentation. Come out and join in the fun!! Photo credit:  Joan Irving



Baja Mexico

Mission 2014

We are happy to say that The Dioceses of Saskatoon Baja Mission 2014 is well into the planning stages and we leave for Mexico June 21, 2014.

At the beginning of February we have 26 confirmed participants from all corners of the dioceses; Lloydminster, Battleford, Pike Lake, Borden, Humboldt, Watrous, Quail View, from the city of Saskatoon Emmanuel, St Stephen’s and Holy Trinity Parishes. We still have 4 people that may be able to join the mission team.

Many of our missioners are being sponsored by their parish. Parishes have come up with many different ways of fundraising for this project. Pike Lake parish is holding a series of adventure talks by local people that have gone to some remarkable places. In November a world traveler and travel magazine author shared her trip to Berlin. Next a young biologist presented her canoe trip down the Hood River in the Northwest Territories. On February 23, at 2 pm, they will be visiting Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Monaco.  Two more are in the planning stages on Mount Everest (March 23 at 2 pm) and then Afghanistan in April.  Lloydminster is having a Mexico night; March 2 2014 with Mexican food and entertainment. Maidstone parish is collecting drinks cans, wine and beer bottles and donating the money to the mission. Maidstone parish sent two members on the 2012 mission, unfortunately this time they are unable to send anyone but still want to raise funds to support the mission. The ACW has also be collecting donations from it members for the mission, these donations will go towards furnishing and food for the homes once they have been built.

It is wonderful to say that once again we have a group of missioners that have a wide range of skills. Within the team we have builders, teachers, clergy, farmers and some retired members to name a few. Each member brings his or her unique skills. When we join as a Christian group we will not only build 3 new homes but also bring hope to a whole community by letting them know that we love and care for them.

We ask that you continue to support the mission by your prayers and assisting any fundraising efforts in your parish. You may also make a personal financial gift to the mission; tax receipt available, by sending a donation to the synod office marked “Baja Mission 2014”.


Co-Chairs Mission 2014                                Cheryl Moen and Joan Irving

 Photo credit:  Joan Irving