Greetings Friends in Reconciliation

This call is coming a little on the late side but there is faith that we will swell up as the ecumenical church and fill Comfort bags for the families attending the Missing & Murdered Indigenous  Women and Girls National Inquiry being hosted in Saskatoon Nov 20 to 24.

Suggested items for the Comfort Bags are:
Mini knitted prayer shawls/pocket shawls  - the instructions attached.
Sage bundles - 4” X 4” squares of cotton cloth ( I have some sage for filling)

Small pkg of tissue chapsticks- unscented
worry stones stress balls
packages of gum or mints small journals
stress balls
small pencils

cozy socks

The Comfort bags are being put together on Nov. 18 so if items could be gathered and delivered to St. Paul’s UC ( Rev. Deb Walker) at
454 Egbert St. Office hours 9-3pm.

Yours in Christ and Reconcilliation
Mary Ann


This square contains a cross in the middle and is the standard for all prayer squares.

Cast on 21 stitches, using size 7 or 8 needles (7 for cotton, 8 for worsted yarn).
Rows 1-5 Knit
6-13 Even rows....K9, P3, K9: Odd rows....Knit all stitches
14-17 Even rows....K5, P11, K5: Odd rows...Knit all stitches
18-31 Even rows....K9, P3, K9: Odd rows...knit all stitches
32-35 knit all, then cast off.



2017/11/18 Camp Okema AGM


2017/11/18 Poinsettia Tea and Bake Sale at St. Stephen's


2017/11/24 Diocesan Youth Group


Our diocesan youth group meets from 7-9pm on the last Friday of each month. We travel from church to church throughout all three deaneries. 

Our next diocesan youth group gathering will take place on Friday, November 24th 7-9pm at St. Andrew's Humboldt. 

All youth in the diocese are invited and encouraged to participate. 

Please contact Emily Carr for more information, or to plan carpooling!


2017/11/30 Planning Committee Members Needed


Anglican AND Lutheran

Women’s Spring Event

will be held at

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Saskatoon

April 20 – 21, 2018

Plans for organizing the second Annual Anglican and Lutheran Women’s event in April 2018 are underway.  We urgently need at least one (preferably two) more Anglican women to assist the current planning committee of four Lutherans and ONE Anglican.  One planning meeting was held Sept. 25; another is scheduled for Oct. 23.  Find out how you can fit in!  For more information, please contact Betty Lloyd at 306-343-6959 or Lorraine Harilstad at 306-370-7260.  Thank you!


2917/10/21 Fundraiser at Christ Church