2017/02/06  Information

Hello All,

I am just checking in to ensure that all SAHs are aware of the Saskatoon Refugee Coalition future planning meeting on Saturday, February 11th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Frances Morrison Library.

I am hoping that each SAH will be represented and that each of us will be able to bring two newcomers who have the refugee experience.

If your SAH is not planning to bring two newcomers, could you let me know.  That might enable another SAH to bring an extra person.

Thank you,

Helen Smith-McIntyre

The Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon has been an active member of the Saskatoon Refugee Coalition for about 25 years.  The coalition has waxed and waned in importance and activities during that time.  For instance, during the Kosovo crisis, the coalition was contracted by CIC to organize the settlement of the Kosovars in Saskatoon.  Despite the fact that the coalition had not done programming before, we did a creditable job.

The coalition is neither an incorporated and is not a registered charity.  The coalition invites anyone who is interested in the cause of refugees to attend meetings and take part in activities.  We follow Roberts rules but try to be reasonably casual and not too formal.  

Over the years, the coalition meetings have been attended by SAHs, sponsoring group members, refugee lawyers, Settlement agency representatives and staff, refugees who are looking for sponsorships for family members, refugees who want to support the cause of refugees, advocates such as Amnesty International and WUSC and educators including reps from the library. also police and other city staff etc:

The coalition during this time has (In addition to the Kosovar project):

  • Regularly updated its members on refugee issues, locally, regionally, nationally and globally
  • Prepared briefs for parliamentary committees dealing with refugee issuesP
  • Planned events for World refugee days (June 20)P
  • Planned events for refugee rights days (April 4)
  • Held marches and vigils and press conferences in response to changes in legislation or incidents affecting refugees
  • Supported refugee claimants (with financial help and with help preparing H & C appeals etc)
  • Initiated many events that seek to bring people together from many cultures (e.g. Prairie Prism - which began as a one time celebratory event for refugee sponsored refugees and their sponsors and has become a regular event held every two years to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism in our community.
  • Maintained a membership in the Canadian Council for Refugees and led the planning for the first CCR consultation in Saskatoon
  • Hosted press conferences in response to legislative changes harmful to refugees
  • Hosted meetings on refugee concerns (e.g. bringing together health provider, policy makers and bureaucrats to discuss the impact of the ending of IFH)
  • Been represented on panels and done presentations to many conferences and other events in the city

There are many more things the SRC has been involved in but you get the picture.


2016/12/05 Refugee Article from MacLeans Magazine

A Canadian Armed Forces CC-150 Polaris lands at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 10, 2015. (Kenneth Allan/CBSA)


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2016/10/27 Pakistani Christian Refugees

In recent months, the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon has received about 20 refugee requests from Pakistani Christian families mostly in Thailand and Malaysia.  The families have been persecuted in Pakistan under the blasphemy laws and continue to be persecuted in their countries of asylum.

I have had many people ask what we are doing for Christian refugees.  This is a perfect opportunity for parishes or groups of Christians to help other Christians.  

These would be full sponsorship.  Please call me if you are interested.

Klaus Gruber

Refugee Coordinator, Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon

(306) 343-6791


Diocesan Refugee Committee

Report to Synod - 2016

Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon

A Brief History of Diocesan Refugee Involvement by the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon

During the 1980s, many faith groups and other private citizens across Canada responded to the government's challenge to sponsor refugees privately. Some people recall some refugee sponsorships in the diocese during the "boat people crisis" but I have found no formal no records. 

When the Cathedral was asked to sponsor a Bosnian family in 1995, it was discovered that the Diocese did not have a sponsorship agreement, so the sponsorship was done under the auspices of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle.  Soon after, the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon applied for and received a sponsorship agreement and we have been a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) ever since.

The Diocesan Refugee Committee was established in 1995 and Klaus Gruber was appointed as the Diocesan Refugee Coordinator for the diocese. Before that, Jeannette Dean had been involved with refugees in the diocese and represented the Diocese on the Saskatoon Refugee Coalition. The diocese has been active in refugee sponsorships since then and has continued and/or taken on membership in the Saskatoon Refugee Coalition, the Primates World Relief and Development Fund Refugee Network, the Canadian Council for Refugees and was a founding member of the national Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association.


Please click here to read the rest of Klaus Gruber's report to synod.


Why Britain Chose to Partially Privatize Refugee Resettlement

Refugees Deeply: Is there a model for the community sponsorship that was influential?

We leaned very heavily for inspiration and information on the Canadian sponsorship scheme. It’s been in operation for more than 25 years, and in that time some 250,000 refugees have been resettled in Canada through the private sponsorship route, and that’s on top of full government resettlement schemes.

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