National Indigenous Sunday at St. John's Cathedral

It was National Indigenous Sunday, and we got to spend the time with our Cathedral family.  Bishop Chris spoke about his crozier and how the colors bring us all together as one.  Dean Scott helped  Bishop Chris show his two different croziers to the children.  We also got to celebrate the installation of the Dean’s new warden.  A joyous day!!!


90th Anniversary of Augustana Lutheran

It was a lovely evening of good food, visits, and entertainment.  It was wonderful to be a part of the celebration and to see our St. Timothy’s group again.

St. Augustine's - Rosthern


June 9 Pentecost Sunday - St. Augustine’s, Rosthern

We had a cool morning drive to Rosthern.  Pentecost Sunday, the day the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples.  Rev. Deb did a wonderful job of having a number of people with different languages read the Gospel, if you closed your eyes, you could imagine how amazing it was for the people at that time to hear their own language and understand the Word of God. After service was a time of food and fellowship

St. John's Cathedral - May 30

 A meet and greet at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. It was a lovely evening with chatting and music.  Bishop Chris brought his guitar and sang for us.  The ACW put on a delicious spread of desserts, tea coffee and juice.  It was wonderful to get to know new faces.

St. James - Lintlaw/Endeavour

Now we have been to the far east of our Diocese.  It was a lovely drive, the weather and the roads cooperated with us, to arrive just on time.  The church was full of many wonderful voices and the service was very fulfilling. We ended the afternoon with a lunch, put on by all the lovely folks of the church.  After lunch, I heard many of the folks talking about preparation for their Church Mouse Garage Sale on the 14th of June.

  Photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

North Battleford - Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

May 25

St Paul’s North Battleford

We attended the annual Mayor’s prayer breakfast put on by the ministerial association of North Battleford and Battleford.  The guest speaker was Bill Adsit, what an amazing story.

 Photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

St. Augustine - Rosthern

May 22, 2019
What a glorious way to get back to Saskatchewan.  A good old church Potluck.  It was an evening of visiting and amazing food. 

  Photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

St. Stephen's - Confirmation and Mother's Day

This morning, at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Saskatoon, Bishop Chris Harper confirmed Rachel, Joshua, Kaiden, Nathan, Garen, Quinlyn, and Henry.

Bishop Chris talked to the children about his crosier, the importance of mothers and her first musical gift to each of them.

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Holy Week - St. John's Cathedral and Emmanuel

What an amazing and insightful Holy Week.  We started at the Cathedral, with the service of Foot Washing and then moved into the sadness that followed the stripping of the altar.  All the beauty that surrounds the altar and us, is taken away, gone and we were left with a bare wooden altar. 

We continued with our Good Friday service at Emmanuel and the Refinery.

 On Holy Saturday, we were back at the Cathedral and had the Easter Vigil with the sacred fire and our first Easter Communion.  After the church was in darkness, the illumination from the tapers our only light, and then the light shines through - we are once again in the surrounding beauty of the altar, the flowers, communion, and song. Easter Sunday was at the Cathedral for both services, of song, the Eucharist, Easter Alleluias, laughter, and many smiles.


The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist - Palm Sunday

Hosanna in the highest, the glorious day of Palm Sunday was spent at the Cathedral. We had two services of Blessing of Palms, and Holy Communion. At the second service, we had a joyous procession with smiles and song, and the children learned to make palm crosses in their classes. Fellowship and hot cross buns followed the worship time.

 All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.


St. Matthew's Ham Supper - April 12

It was St. Matthew’s spring supper of Ham and Scalloped potatoes, and pie, glorious pie. Excellent musical entertainment by the German Concordia Band, (guess who one of the drummers are). It was an evening of great food, music and visiting and even a bit of dancing.

 Photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper

Borden, St. John's

This morning we were off to St. John’s Borden.  We had a young man Baptized on the same day his Great Grandmother was confirmed.  God is good. The service of Holy Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion, how can you not smile after all that?  To end the afternoon, we had a delicious potluck with fellowship and laughter.


All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

Augustana Lutheran and St. Timothy’s, Saskatoon

This Sunday we worshiped in the Lutheran church of Augustana, which is a gathering place for Augustana Lutherans and St. Timothy Anglicans.  The church has some beautiful stain glass but the most amazing part was the singing.  The resounding voices sung with gusto to our Lord.

All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

St. Andrew's Humboldt - St. Bride's Watson

All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

It was a glorious morning of nice warm weather on the trip to Humboldt. We had a very beautiful service of Holy Communion with a procession and the help of many servers. After the service, there was a lunch put on by the church and some very good fellowship. We had about an hour break between services so Fr. Matteo took us around his town and the area in which he ministers. Our next service was at St. Bride’s in Watson, a lovely small town church, with great people: after a service of Holy Communion we had some tea and wonderful conversation.

Ash Wednesday - St. John's the Evangelist Cathedral

We started the evening with a lovely light dinner put on by the youth of the cathedral. Followed by a solemn, introspective service of the Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion.  With it being the first day of Lent, and a time to start our self examination, I didn’t take any pictures. I listened to the readings, and remembered “I am dust and to dust I will return.” May we all have a blessed and holy Lent, filled with prayer, and self examination and patiently wait for the rising of our Lord and Saviour on Easter Morn.


Battleford - St. George

By the grace of God, we were able to get back out to St. George’s, the weather was not bad, extreme cold warnings, but we live in Saskatchewan.  The service was one of Holy Baptism and Communion; it is always exciting to see an adult make the choice of baptism. Wishing her, many blessings and a glorious adventure in the choice she made today.


All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

All photographs courtesy of Tracy Harper.

Saskatoon - Emmanuel and the Refinery

As we entered the church, I first noticed the amount of natural light coming in and the way the rays shone across the back stained glass windows. We celebrated Holy Communion, enjoyed fellowship, and tasted the delights of a large table of goodies.

Installation of Reverend Canon Alex Parsons - February 17, 2019

The most noteworthy and exciting event of the past month, at St. Matthew’s, has got to be Sunday’s installation of the Reverend Canon Alex Parsons as our half-time priest.  It was a beautiful service, made even more beautiful by the feeling of family that pervaded the entire building.  Bishop Chris Harper’s homily was enlightening, spiritual and entertaining. The participation of many of our parishioners made it a special time for those honoured to assist.  The reception afterwards gave everyone a chance to chat and reconnect with those friends not seen regularly.  Thanks to everyone who made the afternoon so delightful.  The event will be remembered as a highlight of our church year.

All photographs courtesy of Carolyn Bell