Holy Week 2019


The voices and prayers of the people across much of the world rose in unison as the flames of Notre Dame changed the landscape in Paris France. The fanning hand of flames and fingers of destruction reached out and pulled down the roof of the cathedral, and the falling spire to pierce the heart of the people and nation and as the hymns and prayers rose up, all were reminded of the fragility and non-permanence of our humanity. We are also reminded through this Holy Week that true faith is stronger than any stone of the greatest cathedral and that our prayers rise up higher than smoke, as we together this Holy Week walk the journey of our Lord and Saviour.  

Our hearts and prayers are with Paris, and I ask that our prayers also be lifted up for the Diocese and Churches of our communities which stand as landmarks of hope for so many. Pray for the Leadership and clergy as we welcome all to the walk of so many emotions in this Holy Week. Lent should have prepared us, as we stand together in faith, a face among the many in the crowd, shocked at the momentous events before us. 

+ Chris Harper