St. Stephen's Confirmation Mitzvah

Message from The Reverend Amy Bunce:

Thank you to all for the warm and wonderful weekend, with the ConfirmMitzvah on Saturday night, and the service of Confirmation on Sunday. We were blessed by the presence of our Bishop, Chris Harper, at both of these events and he sends his warm wishes and blessings for our parish, sharing how much he enjoyed being with us, hearing the music, and most importantly, meeting the people. He left for Toronto on Sunday afternoon, in order to receive an honourary doctorate at Wycliffe College in Toronto.

There are pictures posted on the Diocesan website—Please check them out! Here’s the link:   

There are also photos and videos on our facebook page Here is the link to St. Stephen’s Anglican church Facebook page..

Many blessings to Rachel, Kaiden, Josh, Garen, Quinlyn, Nathan and Henry, as they continue their journey of faith, having been confirmed in their commitment to follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Installation of Reverend Canon Alex Parsons - February 17, 2019

The most noteworthy and exciting event of the past month has got to be Sunday’s installation of the Reverend Canon Alex Parsons as our half-time priest.  It was a beautiful service, made even more beautiful by the feeling of family that pervaded the entire building.  Bishop Chris Harper’s homily was enlightening, spiritual and entertaining. The participation of many of our parishioners made it a special time for those honoured to assist.  The reception afterwards gave everyone a chance to chat and reconnect with those friends not seen regularly.  Thanks to everyone who made the afternoon so delightful.  The event will be remembered as a highlight of our church year.

All photographs courtesy of Carolyn Bell

The Deaconing of Muriel Foster at St. John's, Lloydminster

The Deaconing of Muriel Foster. I couldn’t attend this wonderful event, but I put the picture taking in the hands of my brother.  The service was held at St. John’s in Lloydminster with most of the clergy from the Western Deanery attended.

All photographs courtesy of Howard Harper