Council of General Synod - July 25, 2019

Diocese of Athabasca: Statement regarding General Synod 2019
Read the statement to the Diocese of Athabasca from Bishop Fraser Lawton regarding General Synod 2019.
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  • Vancouver statement on General Synod 2019 and the Marriage Canon
    via Anglican Communion Alliance & Communion Partners Canada
    Anglican Communion Alliance & Communion Partners Canada have released a statement surrounding General Synod 2019 and the marriage canon.
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  • Anglicans help ensure Bishop of Toronto’s ministry
    Anglicans in the diocese have made a significant investment in the future. Due to a successful campaign that raised $1.5 million for The John Strachan Trust, they’ve helped to ensure that the ministry of the Bishop of Toronto will be funded for generations to come.
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  • Arctic diocese in Canada declares impaired communion
    via The Living Church
    “We are grateful that the vote to change the marriage canon failed but saving the marriage canon did not save the biblical understanding of marriage. We are saddened that so many bishops have defied General Synod and have announced an independent decision to approve same-sex marriage,” the Arctic bishops said, in a letter to the diocese.
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  • Volunteers desperately needed for St. Catharines’ Out of the Heat program
    via St. Catharines' Standard
    Out of the Heat program organizers say they desperately need help in their efforts to provide overnight shelter for homeless people in St. Catharines (Diocese of Niagara).
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  • Christ Church gets heard after almost 200 years
    via Chatham Daily News
    Christ Church (Diocese of Huron) was silent for almost 200 years after bells weren’t installed in its belfry when the original St. Paul’s Church structure was built in the early 1800s. However, the church has been sending the sound of chiming bells across downtown Chatham since it installed an electronic bell system earlier this year.
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  • August 19-24 (McKee's Mills, New Brunswick): St Michael's Youth Conference, ages 13-19. Click here for more
    (link corrected from yesterday)


  • Bishop Jane takes space voyage with St. Michael's VBS
    Bishop Jane Alexander (Diocese of Edmonton) was invited to spend a morning with the children of St. Michael's Vacation Bible School on July 24. Together they took a voyage to Mars and were welcome by the robot EP3-20 who, they learned, has big dreams for showing God's love through acts of kindness.
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  • Peterborough apartment residents fed up with homeless campers next door
    via Global News
    Emotions ran high at a meeting in Peterborough where residents of a high rise took aim at the Rev. Brad Smith of St. John's Anglican Church (Diocese of Toronto) next door.
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