DINNER SPEAKER: The Rev. Canon Dr. Richard LeSueur

The Rev. Canon Dr. Richard LeSueur


Richard has served for 36 years as an Anglican priest in Western and Central Canada and in the Diocese of Jerusalem. He is a former lecturer with St. George’s College, Jerusalem and continues to teach programs of biblical studies in the Middle East as adjunct faculty with Trinity Divinity, Toronto. He serves as a member of the Advisory Council with "The Canadian Companions of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem." He received his doctorate from St. Stephen’s College in 1997 with studies in spirituality and adult education.

Jerusalem Sunday and the ties that bind

For the Rev. Canon Richard LeSueur, the meaning of Jerusalem Sunday was encapsulated in a letter he received from Archbishop Michael Peers, then-Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, while living in Jerusalem during the First Intifada.

“We would go to bed at night and we would hear gunfire echoing off the Mount of Olives,” recalled LeSueur, who was teaching at St. George’s College at the time. “It was a tremendously stressful time. There were a lot of military vehicles then and many incidents that were occurring, and you feel so far away.”

Currently on the advisory council of the Canadian Companions of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, LeSueur was moved to tears by the letter from Archbishop Peers, which he said included the following words: “You are not forgotten. You are being remembered by your church a long way away, and we are holding you in our prayers.”

“That’s why we do Jerusalem Sunday,” LeSueur said. “And that’s why we have Companions of Jerusalem—because it means so much when they know that we have not forgotten them, and we are praying for them and we care about them.”

Borrowed from the Anglican Journal – April 28, 2016