Council of General Synod 2019 - 2022

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Province of British Columbia and Yukon

•  Lynne McNaughton Bishop
•  Marnie Peterson  Clergy
•  Ian Alexander  Laity
•  Jody Walker  Laity
•  Dale Drozda  Youth

Province of Canada

•  David Edwards  Bishop
•  Paulette Bugden  Clergy
•  Margaret Jenniex  Laity
•  Ann Cumyn  Laity
•  Scott Potter  Youth

Province of Ontario

•  Andrew Asbil  Bishop
•  Valerie Kerr  Clergy
•  Kim Chadsey  Laity
•  Hugh Mackenzie Laity
•  LydsKeesmat-Walsh  Youth

Province of Rupert’s Land

•  Gregory Kerr-Wilson  Bishop
•  Joey Royal  Bishop
•  Amos Winter  Clergy
•  Freda Lepine  Laity
•  Michael Siebert  Laity
•  Chris Wood  Laity
•  Luke Gobbett  Youth

Anglican Council of Indigenous People 

•  The Rev. Canon Dr. Murray Still
•  Ms. Sheba McKay

Anglican Military Ordinariate

•  Major The Rev. Dennis F G Newhook

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada:  
To be named in September