Christmas Pageant Scripts

NATIVITY PAGEANT - written by The Rev. Canon Michael Stonhouse

Harvest Thanksgiving Litany

For Harvest Thanksgiving, encourage people to bring fruit and vegetables of all sorts, stalks of corn and wheat, and such. Other objects such as toy farm animals and fish, and of course, a bottle of wine or two to go with the grapes will expand the display. Have the children process these up to the altar according to the Harvest Thanksgiving Litany.

The Rev. Canon Michael Stonhouse

Rogation Days Litany

This Litany works well when both, the congregation at large and the children, are involved. Encourage everyone to bring seeds, soil, potting out plants, garden tools etc. and then have the children bring them up to the front at the beginning of the service. A children's story or sermon about God and nature, God and food or agriculture, or something similar can follow the offerings. The Rogation Litany takes the place of the Prayers of the People.

The Rev. Canon Michael Stonhouse