Locally Trained Clergy – St. Brigid’s Program

Locally Trained Clergy – St. Brigid’s Program 

Following in the footsteps of Jesus Chris in our day and age is no easy task; we all try our best, but sometimes we can use some mentoring and support.

St. Brigid’s School of Discipleship offers short, practical and accessible classes designed for all levels of Christian discipleship, from “testing the waters”, through lay readers’ training, all the way to our locally trained clergy program for deacons and priests.

The program also provides diocesan wide preparation courses, advance spiritual care training and theological reflection, and continuing education for clergy.

St. Brigid’s offers classes for discipleship in local parishes throughout the three deaneries.

The Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy asks that members of Diocesan Council and throughout the diocese to share information about their parishes regarding any members who may interested in becoming a lay reader, Deacon, or Priest.  As well, as if there were any clergy or members who would be wiling to share in the capacity as Training Weekend Chaplain. 

More updates will be circulated throughout the diocese as the program is further developed in the diocese.