School of Discipleship

School of Discipleship

Diocese of Saskatoon

September 27, 2019

Purpose: The purpose of the School of Discipleship is to meet the changing educational and training needs of Diocesan Lay Readers and candidates for Locally Trained ordained ministry in our diocese given church economic considerations. The School of Discipleship helps those preparing for ministry of diverse kinds and is designed to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” as we read in the letter to the Ephesians. (4:12)

Who: At the invitation of parish clergy and parish councils, the Coordinator of the School of Discipleship is willing to preach about the School of Discipleship and God’s calling. She is prepared to meet with clergy and parishes to help them discover within their groups individuals with a calling to the diaconate or priesthood and discover people to work in a ministry support team. The Coordinator of the School and a diocesan-appointed team, in consultation with the Bishop, will meet with those inquiring about locally raised ordained ministry helping them to explore God’s call to them. We will also journey with those who feel called to the Lay Reader ministry. We will develop a team of examining chaplains to support and journey with ministry postulants as they consider God’s specific call to them. Clergy, seminary professors and lay professionals will be invited to assist in the School’s teaching and will be given a modest honorarium from the diocese. 

What: To prepare candidates for ministry by teaching the competencies for ministry as described by the Anglican Church of Canada. The ministry preparation course will include teaching on the following topics: scripture, theology, spirituality, church history, worship, leadership, pastoral care, administration, ministry context and small group ministry.

Where: Classes will be hosted in different regions including local churches and it is hoped that students can be billeted in the course location. We are seeking the assistance of congregations in the diocese to help with meals and hospitality. One goal is to bring the courses to regions where the ministry students live. 

When: To be mindful of the learning patterns and rich life experience of all students, there will be four face-to-face weekend sessions per year, slated out for the beginning of each year. 

How: This school will be conducted by the regular seeking of God’s guidance: in prayer, consultation with Bishop Chris Harper, the School’s Committee and Diocesan Council. It will proceed with the financial and moral support of the diocese and in dialogue with parish clergy. 

If you have any questions or ideas about the School of Discipleship, Diocese of Saskatoon, please feel free to contact the Coordinator. 

School of Discipleship Coordinator: 

Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy / 306 370 8378 

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