Thank You from Melanie Delva - Reconciliation Animator

I must start by thanking everyone who prayed for the children who died in residential schools, as well as their families and the survivors, as the first list of names of those who died was released. Thank you — the outpouring of prayer and support from around the world was immense, and I passed along some of your messages of support (anonymously) to others who really needed to hear that they were being prayed for. Please, would you continue to pray? The new reality that has emerged from this event is still unfolding, and with it, both healing and re-traumatization, both relief and devastation. We must make room to hold all of these.

We know that the list is not complete — for many reasons. The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation has added the following to its website:

If you have any information on a child that died or went missing during their time at a Residential School, we want to hear from you. Please contact us at our offices:
Toll-free line: 1-855-415-4534

They have made it clear that survivors, “thrivers”, families and Indigenous communities who make this request will be believed and their request respected.