2014/10/22 A Call to Prayer from the Primate - Ottawa Tragedy, The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz

A Call to Prayer Amidst Violence

 With all Canadians my heart is very heavy with the news of the killing of a Canadian soldier, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, while on honour guard duty at the National War Memorial in Ottawa today.

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2014/10/10 A Call to Prayer from the Primate, The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz

Once again we are at a moment in history when the world God loves is on high alert. The terrorist movement known as ISIS continues its aggressive campaigns to conquer Iraq, Syria and other nations. The world has witnessed horrific crimes against humanity and in the considered opinion of global leaders ISIS poses a very real threat to international security.

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A working group mandated by the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee of General Synod is working towards the creation of a supplement to Common Praise. This collection of supplementary material will include congregational hymns and songs as well as service music.  As part of this process, the working group would like to hear from every diocese in the country about its current singing practices. The committee is looking for suggestions about material to include in the collection. Connections with Canadian hymn and service music writers are particularly desired. Please send us your suggestions! And please feel free to re-post this call!


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